7 Quick Takes: Volume 3

It’s not Friday anymore, but the lovely Jennifer @Conversion Diary is still hosting these 7 Quick Takes!


Remember perler beads? Those little bitty plastic things that you put on a pegboard in some sort of design, then use an iron to melt them together? (Personally, they make me think of sledding. Weird, I know, but at my cousins’ house, when we’d take a break from sled riding, we drank hot chocolate and played with “ironing beads.” Good times!)

I saw these portraits the other day, made from, yep, you guessed it, those iron-together beads.

I could do that, right?

So I felt inspired…but that didn’t last long. I attempted to bead my JW logo. I sort of succeeded, but it looked absolutely nothing like it did in my head. My bead supply was also rather limited.

My calling is probably not to melt plastic beads together. But then again, this was my first attempt in about 15 years, so hey!


Cows in the backyard (behind a fence). I think that cattle head-on might always look angry, even if they’re just confused.

This calf was not even thinking about charging. Really. He’s just hungry.


I was hanging out with Pope Benedict XVI the other day. In Indianapolis. No big deal. He was shorter than I expected. And really quiet.

And a bit 2-d from the side, since he’s just a cutout. (Shh!)

I also hung out with some other cool people—the IndyCatholic Young Adult group. A wonderful community! And it was great hanging out with my friend Kate (on the right) from camp, otherwise known as Shark Bait (oo ah ah!) Kate. 🙂


Speaking of Kate, I stayed at her place in Indy. I’d forgotten how much more interesting older house/apartments can be. The house I lived in the past few years was built recently, in a neighborhood of very similar-looking houses. Not so in this neighborhood, not so. Check out the ironwork on the front door:


Love it.


I also had a lot of fun a few days later eating out and wandering through antique shops with some of my aunts. We saw more cool old stuff. One of my aunts asked me if I liked looking at antiques (…or if I was just allowing myself to be dragged through the shops…). I love looking through old stuff, though, and as I told her, I also like taking pictures of it! I showed her this photo I took of an old chandelier:

she just said, “you see things differently sometimes, don’t you?”

Yep, that’s what I’m going for. 🙂

Isn’t that wallpaper behind the chandelier fantastic, too??


One of the antique shops had a collection of old Oz books. My parents used to host Wizard of Oz themed parties every year (BC: Before Children), so I’ve always thought the Yellow Brick Road was pretty great. But I had no idea there were so many sequels to the original book:

Hungry Tiger? Pirates? Tik-Tok? Gnome King? And I thought Jitterbugging trees were cool.

(Sidenote, though: L. Frank Baum apparently didn’t write all of these…Some sort of fanfiction, I guess.) Well, that’s a horse of a different color!


Lucky number seven has more old stuff! This is in my possession, though. 528 cool points to anyone who can guess what this is before you read the answer. (No cheating! Arbitrary cool points are a big deal!)

A clock? No, not exactly…

It’s a darkroom timer. It turns the enlarger light off at the precise time that you set it to. Ahhh, I can’t wait to find a place to actually use it. My uncle gave me all of his old darkroom equipment that he found in his garage—two enlargers and lots of other necessary equipment. I got it all out accidentally today…meaning, it literally fell on top of me off the top shelf in the storage room of the basement. After I surmised that I wasn’t actually hurt (and hopefully neither was any of the equipment), I looked through it all again. I played with one of the enlargers for a while, and put some old film onto the developing reel to make sure it still works. It does! (37 bonus cool points if anyone can tell me why I had the song “Walk it out” stuck in my head the rest of the day.)


Even more cool points opportunities:
• Best cutout you’ve ever had the privilege of having your photo taken with? (It’s pretty hard to beat Papa!)
• Coolest iron bean design you ever did?
• Craziest thing you’ve ever seen in an antique/old junk store?

I’m falling asleep, so I’ll award more arbitrary cool points later for other things I like if you comment them!


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