I didn’t post for the past three days. Why? I cut myself off from technology and had a wonderful time camping with some extended family at Warren Dunes State Park in Michigan. (Ok, you caught me…I didn’t really cut myself off from technology, just the internet. I have some really good e-books on my iPod touch. While camping, I finished an awesome Ted Dekker novel, and I’ve been reading Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila.)

I’ve always loved the outdoors, and so it basically follows that I’ve always loved camping. There’s something about doing a lot of nothing (“nothing” includes but is not limited to: laughing, eating, hiking, hanging out on the beach, and napping) with family and friends that is just made better by a campfire and trees.

And now you want me to choose only THREE photos to show you? Ugh. 🙂 How about three for the photo a day thing…and I’ll just slip a gallery of a few more up….because I like story time!

Speaking of story time, a small aside here. I’ve realized why I love telling stories (even if they are terrible when I tell them…). It’s something my family has always done. Even if it’s a not-so-great story, somehow we all still laugh at the right parts and appreciate it for what it is. I was almost subconsciously worried when we first got there that I wouldn’t be “punny” enough. But it all just comes right back! 🙂

OK. Photos now.

I promised my cousin Emma that this would be my photo for Wednesday. Isn’t she precious? Just look at that halo glistening… 😉

This is the life. Seriously.

Best. Pancake. Ever.
Real fresh blueberries in a pancake perfectly cooked (no gooey middle) in a cast-iron round pie maker over a perfect cooking fire.


Here’s the promised gallery (well, slideshow) of more of my camping photos! (It begins with poison ivy, just in case it’s in the middle when you start watching.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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