(Unwelcome) Garden Guests

My dad has a garden. It’s pretty big, well taken care of, and there’s some good stuff in there. Most years, anyway. This year has been so dry, not a lot has come out of it. We did have some pretty good corn a few days ago, but now the corn is GONE. 😦

We always have some trouble with raccoons getting into the garden, so Dad puts up a low-to-the-ground electric fence to keep them away. Apparently the ground is so dry (no rain since, like, May!! not good…) that the raccoons don’t even get shocked by the fence, so they just get right on by it. So I went out to get all artsy and take a photo of the devastation:

…the ground is ridiculously dry…the stalks turned brown…and the raccoons got the corn anyway.

OK, uh, lovely, I’m sure you’re thinking. Well, I might have gotten a better photo, but I heard some rustling in the dry leaves. Thinking it was probably one of the raccoons, I crept in a little closer. I’ve come (literally) face to face with a raccoon before. No big deal… As soon as I saw the animal though, I immediately turned around and quietly left the garden, so I could sprint away if need be. Why, you ask? Was the raccoon obviously rabid?


It was a skunk.

I zoomed in as far as little PowerShot would let me, recorded the sight (and the lack of smell!) then I quickly and quietly hightailed it back to the house.

We’re all relieved that Dad decided against putting the dog in the garden as a deterrent.


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