Did you know that “Kodak” isn’t a name, but supposedly the sound a camera shutter makes? The photo below is of a Kodak No. 1A Pocket Camera that someone gave me a few years ago. I’ve spent the last minute or so clicking the shutter…and I’ve come to the conclusion that if you say “kdk!” pretty quickly it might be about the same sound.

I’m sure whoever used this camera in the 1920s or so would have been blown away that the digital camera I took this photo with is about one-third the size of this “pocket” camera—and my little point & shoot isn’t even all that small! They must have had some deep pockets back in the day.

Kodak No. 1A Pocket Camera—seriously cool!

Someday (soon, I hope!) when I get my own darkroom up and running I will most definitely be shooting with this camera! It takes 116 film though, which isn’t made any longer. I’ve seen on the internet that you can rig something up so it’ll take 120 film—should be significantly cheaper. Heck, I might just shoot paper negatives. It’ll be something like the pringles-can pinhole I made in high school. Expect updates!


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